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Hi! I’m Patrick Cable. I live slightly northwest of Boston, Massachusetts these days. I do computery things that focus on good operations and security. I’m the Director of Platform Security at Threat Stack, a Boston-based startup that offers cloud optimized security observability. This is an extremely fancy way of saying I manage a team security operations and application security folks, and do a little bit of everything.

Before joining Threat Stack, I was an associate staff member of the Secure and Resilient Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I did a lot of different things, but mostly worked on the Lincoln Laboratory Secure and Resilient Cloud (LLSRC) program - along with other modern infrastructure computing initiatives. LLSRC was a little bit of OpenStack, a little bit Joyent’s SmartDataCenter, and we made some neat software that bootstraps trust in cloud environments.

Places I can be found include:

  • Email: pc at this domain (pgp: 9643FED30A2DA57A)
  • Various Slacks: bosops, hangops, usenix-lisa, usenix-srecon.
  • Other Networks: Links for twitter, keybase, etc. are to your right.