I prefer to organize conferences than be in them, but every so often I write a talk.


Some things I’ve made mostly for work but also play:

  • Authkeys - An LDAP authorizedKeysCommand provider (blog post)
  • Deputize - Manages your on-call’s access to resources, automatically (blog post)
  • gelfbeat - Takes in UDP-based GELF formatted UDP traffic and packages it up into the beats format
  • mrmanager - Takes dynamic credentials from Vault and puts them into the right place on disk
  • onair - Controls an IP light when you’re on a video or audio call
  • pipefitter - Manages IP target groups in multiple regions and VPC Endpoint Principal Allowlists
  • Trash Taxi - Terminates instances that people have run manual commands on (blog post, website)
  • ts - a CLI tool for the Threat Stack API
  • VPNNotify - Sends you a slack DM when you start an OpenVPN session (blog post)

Community Work

I’ve moved this section to my Polywork timeline. You’ll find more updates about things I do and write there 🎉